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My earliest memory of photography was transforming our bathroom at home into a dark room. The enlarger on an ironing board in the bath and the developer and fixer on the sink and toilet. My Father was a keen semi-pro photographer but  whillst loading a roll of film into the developing tank in the pitch darkness of the understairs cupboard,  the door flew open ruining most of the images. He promptly gave up shooting weddings for family and friends  

A lifelong interest in photography combined with a career as a musician has led me to the inevitable outcome of finding myself mainly photographing collegues and friends for promotion and publicity.

Travel, both as a musician and photographer, have been an enormous part of my influence. There is, for me, nothing more intoxicating the the colours, sounds and smells of new cultures especially local Carnivals and Festivals with the fantasy and splendour of masks, costumes and parades.

Undaunted by my Fathers experience, I enjoy photographing weddings. Meeting with excited couples, assessing what they want from their photographs and capturing the story and essence of their special day.